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How To Use This Site

The first three sections of this site address big issues in copyright law.

  • Copyright Basics — Although you might be tempted to dive right in, don't skip the basics. This section should be your first stop since it provides much-needed background as well as some basic copyright terminology.
  • Fair Use — This section addresses usage that is exempt from a copyright holder's rights. Fair use is defined in Section 107 of the Copyright Law.
  • Copyright Analysis — This section walks you through the copyright analysis process. If you print and retain the checklists provided, you will document your analysis in the event that your usage is challenged.

The remainder of the site was developed to address the particular needs of our intended audience – Faculty, Librarians and Students:

  • Faculty members should refer to the Faculty section for information relevant to the usage of copyrighted works by educators.
  • Librarians won't want to miss the Librarians section. It addresses Section 108 of the Copyright Law and the special exemptions that libraries and archives have with respect to copying and loaning copyrighted material.
  • Students will want to check out the Students section. Here concerns regarding file sharing, personal web pages and plagiarism are addressed. Additionally the section deals with student rights under copyright law.

But please remember that the topics covered in the Faculty, Librarian and Student sections are not exclusively for any one group. For example, everyone in academia needs to be concerned with plagiarism.

And finally, the Resources section is for individuals who just can’t get enough of this stuff. Here you'll find links to some of higher education's most informative copyright sites and a bibliography for those who prefer the written word.

Legal Disclaimer: This site is not intended to provide legal advice. If you are uncertain as to your rights and responsibilities, you are encouraged to seek an attorney’s advice.

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