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Copyright - Keeping It Simple

“This book is out of print. Can I put photocopies of it on the reserve shelf? Can I distribute photocopies of the book to my class?”  “This article is already published on the Internet. Do I have to worry about the copyright laws?”  “I own this CD but want to make a copy for my MP3 player. They can’t arrest me for that, can they?”

Copyright is a complex topic. Since the law can be complicated, we've developed this website to help you understand copyright and how it applies to you. Our goal is to inform and guide faculty, librarians and students concerning their rights and responsibilities under the law. We've designed this site with a few guiding principles in mind.

  • Always ask for permission to use a resource when you think you need to.
  • Never ask for permission if you are comfortable that you don't have to.
  • Each decision is unique to your circumstances. Conduct an analysis and document your decision.
  • And lastly, Copyright Law applies to digital resources and materials found on the Internet just as it applies to materials in traditional print and analog formats.


Legal Disclaimer: This site is not intended to provide legal advice. If you are uncertain as to your rights and responsibilities, you are encouraged to seek an attorney’s advice.

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